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Best Dedicated Server in Bangladesh

Best Dedicated Server in Bangladesh

Dedicated server is a complete physical machine which a client purchase from a hosting provider. Dhaka Web Host Ltd. is one of the best domain web hosting providers in Bangladesh from where a user can buy a dedicated Server with high level of security at lower price. A user has complete freedom to make any changes in server configuration. A dedicated server hosting is a type of hosting in which the entire server not shared with anyone. Dedicated Server hosting is more flexible than shared hosting as organizations have full control over the server(s), including choice of operating system, hardware, etc.

Dedicated Server hosting is classified into two categories such as:

  1. Managed Dedicated Server Hosting
  2. Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting.

What is managed hosting service?

Managed hosting service means if a customer purchase a service from a service provider then they will provide 24/7 support if you face any kind of problem or if you need anything related to service. The service provider will take care of everything for you with a monthly or annually managed service fee. So it is considered more expensive than the other hosting.

What is unmanaged hosting service?

Unmanaged hosting service means, if a customer purchase a service from a service provider then the customer will manage his service.

Advantages of dedicated server:

  • Freedom of choosing what kind of applications to install and what configurations to tweak to suit the client needs.
  • The server installed in a monitored and controlled environment within provider’s data center which ensure the safety and the client is assured that his data is safe and secured. As the server is not shared so client should not be worried about any malicious data or the service being shared with someone.
  • The resources are not shared so the client will have better stability, server reliability and top performance of the server.
  • Full Administrative access which allows the client to install programs and perform custom configurations as per needs.
  • The client need only pay the usage of the server, saving him a lot of money in building and maintaining his own data center structure.

Disadvantages of dedicated server:

  • More expensive compared to other hosting.
  • You need competence to manage the server yourself.
  • If you can’t troubleshoot the problems yourself, you need to hire someone who will manage the server and it will add an extra cost to your account.
Reseller web hosting in Bangladesh

Reseller web hosting in Bangladesh

There are lots of domain hosting company in Bangladesh but Dhaka Web Host Ltd. is the best, the most reliable reseller web hosting company where the users can host their websites and can stay relax. In this modern era who doesn’t own a website? To build up a business and spread the goal of your business around the world no other option is best without a website. But the important role is depend on the hosting where you host your website. We provide the best web hosting services with high security at cheaper cost. We use the most powerful dedicated server to provide the best secure web hosting to our clients.

Users can purchase any shared web hosting packages from us and host their website. Reseller hosting is one of the best web hosting packages of Dhaka Web Host which will help the clients to build up their personal business.

Now we will share something about the reseller hosting services and what kind of advantages & disadvantages it provides. So take a look:

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting means a user purchases reseller web hosting services, sells them to customers by creating different plans with different resources and act as their own hosting company. Reseller Hosting is such a kind of web hosting in which the hosting owner is capable to create multiple hosting accounts and resell those hosting. Depending on the reseller package you purchase, you can have as much cPanel accounts you want. On a reseller account, you can set up each domain name so it has its own cPanel.

Just like other services, it has both the advantages and disadvantages.


  1. Flexibility
  2. Reliability
  3. Save money.
  4. Low cost but earn more revenue.
  5. Focus on customer support
  6. Leave technical support to your web host company from where you purchase the service.
  7. Reseller hosting accounts allow a user to create own plans and sell them to others.
  8. Useful to calculate the approximate number of resources for each of the created plan.
  9. A reseller package comes with different kind of tools which make things easier and save your time.
  10. The reseller company provides full support so there is no need for the customers to look for support elsewhere and feel relax.
  11. Some reseller accounts will can be upgraded to provide more storage and bandwidth.


  1. It is more expensive than other shared hosting packages. But if you think you can resell the service to enough clients than this would not be a big deal for you.
  2. Being a reseller means you are responsible for the services you provide. So, be ready to deal with the customers’ requests.
  3. If you do not pay the required payment on time then your account will be suspended and all of your customers will lost access to their account also.
  4. Your service is only as good as your upstream provider. If the server is poor or frequently down, you may lose clients.

So, what are you waiting for? Purchase your desire reseller web hosting package from Dhaka Web Host Ltd. and start a successful business.

Cheap web hosting company Bangladesh

Cheap web hosting company Bangladesh

There is no doubt that most of the domain & web hosting providers provide quality services. But there is a huge difference between the cost of their services. Users look for the best services at cheaper price. As web hosting in Bangladesh has reached to the level that can compete any other countries in this era of technology and the people of this country are very curious and interested to gather knowledge about technology. Keep that in mind, Dhaka Web Host Ltd. is providing the best web hosting services and domain at cheaper price in Bangladesh which anyone can effort. Yes, anyone can build up their business with this reliable web hosting company and take that to the high level of success.


Dhaka Web Host Ltd. is the only domain and web hosting provider to provider you the best and most secure, most reliable reseller web hosting services at a lower cost which will help you to fulfil your dream of a website. So to start a successful journey in the hosting world Dhaka Web Host Ltd. is the right choice for you.

There are lots of web hosting packages from where you can select any one to host your website. You can chose either Small Package which will cost 600/= BDT per year with 500MB space, 5GB bandwidth and much more or you can start from the Basic Package which will cost 1100/= BDT per year with 1GB space, 20GB bandwidth 10 MySQL databases and much more. You can chose any other hosting packages from our website as per your requirement such as:

Advanced Package: 1600/= BDT
Business Package: 3000/= BDT
Professional Package: 4000/= BDT
Unlimited Package: 7200/= BDT

You can also purchase reseller packages from us to provide services to your clients. Chose any of the reseller packages between

Silver: 1350/= BDT (Quarterly)
Gold: 600/= BDT (Monthly)
Diamond: 1000/= BDT (Monthly)
Platinum: 1600/= BDT (Monthly)

The performance of all of our packages will satisfy you. To get much more better performance and extra features you can purchase our semi dedicated and dedicated hosting also.

Do you want to be the owner of a website? Do you need the best web hosting services to host your website? Just choose any of the web hosting packages such as dedicated web hosting, VPS hosting or the package which is required for you and place an order from our website and stay relax. The rest of the process will be done within a moment.

So what are you waiting for? Dhaka Web Host Ltd. the best web hosting provider in Bangladesh is waiting for you to provide their best web hosting services at very lower price which you can effort.

Best web hosting provider Bangladesh

Best web hosting provider Bangladesh

There are lots of domain and web hosting provider in Bangladesh. Most Web hosting companies are providing quality web hosting service. Dhaka Web Host is a popular and reliable web hosting company in Bangladesh.Web hosting in Bangladesh has made its advanced step to make our information globally accessible. If you want to get best web hosting service in Bangladesh with high quality and security, Dhaka Web Host Ltd. is the ultimate destination where you can host your website. You can get any type of domain and web hosting package at a lower cost from here which is much more superior than other companies.

You can have your desire services from this company such as domain, web hosting packages which includes shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting.A client also can get SSL certificates, domain privacy, mail services and much more from us.

Dhaka Web Host Ltd. is that type of web hosting provider in Bangladesh which ensures their clients that the best security will be given to their websites. So any one can buy their chosen services from us and stay relax. The world’s most famous and powerful dedicated servers of US & Canada is used to provide the secure web hosting to our clients.

We provide the best web hosting services to our clients at cheaper price and our servers are always upto date with new features which provides more extra functionalities. After hosting your website, you do not need to worry about the uptime of your website. We ensure 99.99% uptime, backup, strong security which will be the most beneficial for a client. Any clients can check the uptime from different uptime checking websites after purchasing web hosting packages from us.

We also ensure our clients that they can get 24/7 live support if they face any difficulties by any chance. Our support team is always active to provide the best solution to our clients. We always suggest our clients to feel free to contact us anytime if they face any problem relating to the services. Our client can share their problem over phone or by opening a ticket mentioning the problem the face. Our system administrators will look over the tickets and provide instant solution of the issues.

If any clients wants to migrate their hosting from any other companies, then we have free migration service for your website. Our expert engineer will migrate your website without any downtime.

As there are different types of web hosting packages,a user can upgrade their existing package to the higher one to get the best performance than before. For hosting up-gradation the remaining fee will be adjusted along with remaining days. Also a user can downgrade their existing package.