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Freelancing in Bangladesh: Know how to gain more.

Freelancing in Bangladesh

The history of Freelancing in Bangladesh is not old. The freelancers existed long before any of the freelancing platforms were introduced. The word ‘Freelancing’ came from a similar word ‘freelancer’. Freelancer refers to a person. He works as a designer, performer, writer or like selling works and services by the hour, day, job etc.., rather than working on a regular salary basis for one employer. Outsourcing or freelancing in Bangladesh has become so popular within recent few years. To support this flexible open marketing system several platforms were introduced.,,,,,, and so on are among them. Within this post, I will try to make some general idea about how the freelancing works. You need to know what type of work you should choose as a beginner and how to bid. Throughout the end of the section, some freelancing training centre will be provided in Bangladesh.

The way how freelancing works

The two major part of freelancing is the “client” and the “freelancer”. Client is the owner of a market, store, business, website, project, etc.., and the “freelancers” can be hired as an employee. Clients are the people who publish jobs or works that needed to be done and freelancers are the people who work for the client and help them to complete those jobs. A client can post multiple tasks for the same project or multiple projects and also hire multiple freelancers for working on the same project or multiple projects. Same goes to for the freelancers. A freelancer can work on multiple projects from multiple clients too. To keep the transaction system clean, clients are always asked to pay the employee through the outsourcing platform. This way any kind of cheating or false playing can be minimized. Three easy steps for clients are mentioned in

  • Post a project

Post a project as a client to automatically receive bids from freelancers or browse through the site and find suitable talent among the bests.

  • Choose freelancer

Compare the proposals from the freelancers, browse their profile to understand their capability and if needed chat in Real-time to ensure if your chosen freelancer is perfect for doing the job.

  • Pay only when satisfied

As payments are verified, a client can pay the employee only when they meet their satisfactory level. So, the transaction safety and security are ensured.

Things you need to know before starting as a freelancer

You might think,” Well. I’m not a client. I’m going to be a freelancer”. The most important thing that is always mentioned in every other website for the beginner is to create an attractive profile and also include your expertise mentioning your skill. If possible, put your previous working project’s links. Here I gave some tips for beginners –

  • A good PC and a good internet connection are always required for freelancing.
  • Create a clean profile that makes less confusion when reading as a client.
  • Having sufficient knowledge of what kind of tools you are going to use on performing the project work is also necessary. ‘It’s funny how nobody notices all the good things you do until you don’t do them’
  • Mention your expertise on a particular task. Give proof of your working. If needed you can also join in freelancing training centres for the improvement of your skill level.
  • Trying to catch a type of work that is out of your knowledge should be always avoided.
  • It’s not a good idea to depend on a single platform for getting client as a freelancer. So, publishing profile in different platforms, blogs, forums is also encouraged.
  • Patience is very important in order to get a client, getting the first job is demands on your luck. Sometimes it can take a few days, sometimes it can take months.
  • The first job is always important. Try to complete it perfectly and within the time duration. So that you can take an excellent rating from the client. Which will create a good impression of getting future projects.
  • Payment on different jobs depends on the job complexity and the time needed to complete the job.
  • You can choose between different types of payment method. Fixed Payment system differs from 5 dollars to 1000 dollars or more depending on the complexity of the project.
  • Hourly Based Payment differs from 3 dollars to 100 dollars or more an hour depending on the expertise and complexity.
  • Almost all platform you choose for doing your freelancing job will take a cut from your payment so you have to keep that in mind also.

In future, I will post more about bidding, payment system and about withdrawing money once you get your payments.

Why so popular?

Freelancing in BD

Still not satisfied yet? Here are some really good facts that had driven a lot of people to partake in freelancing.

  • Scope of working: A lot of people in Bangladesh are facing unemployment problem that’s why freelancing has become much popular.
  • Secured payment system.
  • Freelancers can choose their own working hour.
  • A space to prove your capability and talent worldwide.
  • Fixed payment system.
  • A scope for choosing different jobs according to your preference.
  • The capability of working as a group or even create your own working place.
  • Flexibility.

These are the facts which made outsourcing so popular in Bangladesh. I understand you are tired of reading all these. But be positive of thinking all the way of learning more as well as earning more.

Top freelancing training center in BD

Alright, here are the few most popular training centers in Bangladesh. I made this list based on google rating and with the help of few other preview.

  1. Creative IT Institute:
  2. UY Lab:
  3. BITM (Basis Institute of Technology & Management):
  4. Advance IT Center:
  5. DusraSoft:
  6. CodersTrust:
  7. Matrix IT Solutions:
  8. Prime IT:
  9. SoftNetBD:
  10. One Direction IT institute:
  11. Nebulas IT:

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