Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

Choosing a web hosting company can be confusing most of the times. We need to know the background of a web hosting company and the datacenter they use. At present Dhaka Web Host is using dedicated server from the world's best data center "Liquid Web".

You will be glad to know that Liquid Web is the same data center which is also used by the giant companies like Motorola, FedEx, ESPN, Hitachi, Toshiba and more. Because of the world's best data center, Dhaka Web Host can ensure you the best web hosting service, uptime, security and others advantages. Let us sum up how we can provide you the best service:

  • Dhaka Web Host Ltd. is a joint stock registered company and member of BASIS(Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services).
  • We use Liquid Web Datacenter (world’s best data center), which is also used by the giant companies like Motorola, FedEx, ESPN, Hitachi, Symantec, National Geographic, Toshiba and more so that we can ensure you the best service.
  • Our server is both managed by Dhaka Web Host System engineers and Liquid Web Engineers that confirm you guaranteed support for any technical issue.
  • We take regular offsite backup to a completely different geolocation which protects data in case of any disaster recovery.
  • We use professional Atomicorp web application firewall rules (Atomicorp rules are also used by NASA), server firewall & exploit scanner for your website security.
  • Our Mail service is 100% guaranteed without any problem of mail bouncing or blacklisting. We maintain mail server’s ip reputation, spam filtering & monitoring and others sophisticated technologies so that your business goes fine.
  • As we are using server from the world’s best data center (Liquid Web), you can be fully assured of server uptime. We ensure 99.99% server uptime though Liquid web ensures us 100% uptime.

Thousands of clients have chosen us because of our service and relation with our customer. When you become a client, you will become a part of our family.