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Service Level Agreement (SLA)

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) applies to specific customers only who have ordered manged VPS or managed dedicated Hosting services from Dhaka Web Host Ltd and would like to get official SLA with Dhaka Web Host Ltd in written documents.

1. Scope and Purpose:

This SLA explains how the Provider will provide hosting services to the Client. It’s purpose is to define the agreed levels of service availability, response times, and responsibilities for both parties.

2. Service Availability:

The Provider agrees to maintain a minimum of 99.9% uptime for the hosting services provided to the Client. Uptime will be measured on a monthly basis, calculated as follows:

Uptime % = (Total Minutes in Month – Downtime Minutes) / Total Minutes in Month * 100

3. Downtime Notification:

The Provider will let the Client know at least 24 hours in advance about the planned maintenance or immediately for unplanned outages by email.

4. VPS Server Resources:

The Provider will provide the resources for the Client’s VPS based on the chosen hosting plan. The Client must manage their VPS resources and make sure to stay within the allocated limits.

5. Technical Support:

5.1. The Provider will offer round the clock technical support to the Client through a dedicated support channel such as email, ticketing system or live chat.
5.2. The Provider will normally try to respond immediately during regular office hours 9am to 10pm.
5.3. The support request resolution times may vary depending on the issue complexity. The Provider will try their best to resolve issues quickly.

6. Data Security:

The Provider will use standard security measures to keep the Client’s data and hosting environment safe from unauthorized access, breaches, and data loss.

7. Data Backup:

There is no free local volume or remote server data backup, snapshot service for managed VPS. All Data Backup on managed VPS is an additional paid service.
7.1. Customers will monitor and maintain regular data backup and its consistency whether it is paid or free.
7.2. The Provider’s Backup Software will backup the data automatically in remote backup storage for at least 7 days which depends on purchased Backup storage space.
7.3. The provider will not responsible for any technical Data restorarion failure from local or remote Backup.
7.4. Customers must report data backup failures to our technical support team for immediate verification.
7.5. The client must keep their own offsite local backups for additional retention or redundancy.
7.6. VPS users are requested to take regular offline backups of their server data. Dhaka Web Host will not be responsible for any kind of problem with your server due to any unexpected incident.

8. Payment and Billing:

The Client must pay the hosting fees on time as agreed and chosen billing cycle. VPS and dedicated server is suspended instantly after the due date. All data is terminated within 24 hours. We will not be responsible for your data loss due to overdue. Please make payment before the due date.

9. Limitations and Exclusions:

The Provider shall not be held responsible for any issues arising from the following:
9.1. Natural disasters, Technical failure, Cyber Security threat or other events beyond the Provider’s control
9.2. Downtime or performance issues caused by the Client’s actions or third-party services
9.3. Software or applications not provided by the Provider
9.4. Any modifications made by the Client to the hosting environment without Provider’s approval

10. Termination:

Either party can end this agreement by giving written notice 15 days in advance. If the termination happens because someone broke the terms it will follow the rules stated in the SLA.

11. Credit Request (Only applicable in VPS service):

11.1. Please include the customer’s username, dates,and times of unavailability of VPS Server in each request regarding this SLA. These requests must be sent to Dhaka Web host within 15 business days after the VPS Server was not available. The credit report needs to show evidence of Customer VPS being unavailable during the reported downtime, such as Trace Route or Ping Response with a Date Time Stamp. To get credit, the customer needs to send an email request to Credits do not include taxes charged to the customer or collected by Dhaka Web Host. They are the only solution for any issues with the availability of the customer’s VPS Server.

11.2. The VPS Server Availability Credit Percentage can be simplified as follows:
99.9 to 100%: 0%
97% to 99.8%: 10%
94% to 96.9%: 25%
90% to 93.9%: 50%
89.9% or below: 100%

11.3. Customers will not be entitled to any credits for VPS Server Availability failures or deficiencies caused by or related to:

11.3.1. DNS issues beyond Dhaka Web Host’s control
11.3.2. Upstream access circuits to the Dhaka Web Host Network may only fail if Dhaka Web Host is solely responsible
11.3.3. Customers may experience difficulties accessing FTP, POP, IMAP or SMTP services
11.3.4. Any modifications made by the Client to the hosting environment without the Provider’s approval such as using any custom script or code
11.3.5. DNS Propagation
11.3.6 Email service
11.3.7. Scheduled emergency maintenance and upgrades
11.3.8. Natural disasters, or other events beyond the Provider’s control
11.3.9. Downtime or performance issues caused by the Client’s actions or third-party services
11.3.10. Software or applications not provided by the Provider
11.3.11. DDos Attack or Cyber Threat.

12. Governing Law:

This SLA shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Bangladesh.

By signing below, both Parties acknowledge and agree to the terms in this Service Level Agreement.