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Domain Reseller In Bangladesh

Domain reselling is the business of buying domains from a domain registrar and selling them to the customers. Becoming a domain reseller requires less investment because their infrastructure is provided by a domain registrar company. Domain reselling is the activity of buying domains from domain registrars for clients. In one word, a reseller is a person or company that buys products or services to sell to others for a profit.

API access

Instant Registration

Custom Branding, Full domain control, Own Reseller Panel

Be a Domain Reseller Start your own domain reselling business.

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Domain Reseller

Domain reseller needs to pay 5000BDT first time to set their domain reseller account. After the first time payment, they can recharge their reseller panel anytime by 2000BDT.

  • – Full domain control
  • – Custom Branding
  • – Instant Registration
  • – API access
  • – Own Reseller Panel

Starting at just 5000BDT