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Domain Reseller In Bangladesh

A domain reseller buys domain names in large quantities from registrars and sells them to customers or businesses at a higher price. The resellers act as intermediaries between domain registrars and customers and the primary goal of domain resellers is to make a profit by acquiring domain names at a wholesale cost and selling them at a retail price.

It’s better to be a reseller of a white-label domain registrar like PDR (Public Domain Registry). This is a business model where a company sells domain names and services to customers under its own brand.. In this arrangement, the reseller acts as an intermediary between the domain registrar and end-users, providing a seamless and branded experience for customers without revealing the involvement of the underlying domain registrar.

Key features of a white-label domain reseller model include:

Branding: The reseller’s branding is clearly shown on the website, control panel, and communication channels to making it easier for customers to recognize and feel connected.

Customizable Website: The reseller usually provides a user friendly website or control panel for customers to easily search, buy, and handle domain names completely with the reseller’s unique branding and design features.

Pricing Flexibility: White label domain resellers can set their own prices for domain names and related services giving them the flexibility to adjust profits and stay competitive.

Private Nameservers: The reseller can use private nameservers with their domain name, further reinforcing the appearance of a standalone domain registration service.

API Integration: To simplify processes and automate domain management, a white label domain reseller often integrates with the domain registrar’s API enabling real time updates and actions.

Technical Support: The reseller provides customer support and assistance for domain-related queries, acting as the first point of contact for customers, while they may seek support from the domain registrar behind the scenes.

Invoicing and Billing: The reseller handles invoicing and billing for customers, simplifying the payment process and offering a seamless user experience.

White-Label Email Communication: All communication, such as purchase confirmations, renewal reminders, and other notifications, are sent to customers under the reseller’s brand name.

Flexibility in Services: Apart from domain registration, white-label domain resellers may offer additional services like web hosting, website building tools, and email hosting under their brand.

Domain resellers often offer additional services such as web hosting, email hosting, and website building tools, creating value-added packages for customers. The white-label domain reseller model is particularly beneficial for web hosting companies, web designers, marketing agencies, and entrepreneurs looking to diversify their service offerings or create an additional revenue stream without the complexity of managing their own domain infrastructure. It allows them to focus on their core business while delivering domain-related services seamlessly to their customers.


Domain Reseller In Bangladesh

Domain reselling is the business of buying domains from a domain registrar and selling them to customers. Becoming a domain reseller requires less investment because a domain registrar company provides their infrastructure. Domain reselling is the activity of buying domains from domain registrars for clients. A reseller is a person or company that buys products or services to sell to others for a profit.

API access

Instant Registration

Custom Branding, Full domain control, Own Reseller Panel

Be a Domain Reseller Start your own domain reselling business.

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Domain Reseller

Domain reseller needs to pay 7000BDT first time to set their domain reseller account. After the first time payment, they can recharge their reseller panel anytime by 2000BDT. Dollar will be loaded according to current dollar price.

  • – Full domain control
  • – Custom Branding
  • – Instant Registration
  • – API access
  • – Own Reseller Panel

Starting at just 7000BDT