Server management notification

Our server with this hostname will be maintained from BDT time 4am to 7am in the 28th July, 2021(Wednesday). 

You may get downtime for 30 minutes to 1 hour during this time.

27th Jul 2021
Yearly Domain renewal price increased from 27th May 2021.

.com domain renewal price increased from 950 to 1000BDT.

.net domain renewal price increased from 1000 to 1100BDT.

.org domain renewal price increased from 1000 to 1200BDT.

.info domain registration and renewal price is now 1600BDT.

Small Hosting package price increased from 600 to 700BDT.

27th May 2021
Reschedule of Server Maintenance time

Hello, Apologies for the inconvenience but we have rescheduled the rack migration. You will now move:  June 5, 2021 Saturday 9:00am - 10:30am. The server will be down for almost 30 to 45 minutes. 

Thank you.

25th May 2021
Server Maintenance

Attention IP: Device #17496 ——————————————— Your server resides on a legacy Incero server cabinet with the old substandard Incero top of rack switch topography.  We will be moving your server to a new cabinet just a few feet away that has Hivelocity’s improved top of rack switching, giving you access ... Read More »

24th May 2021
Server3 Backup drive upgradation

We are upgrading server3 backup drive from 2TB TO 4TB. As a result, daily backup is kept off until the upgradation is completed. We have moved a weekly backup to remote desitionation. The upgradation will take 2/3 days as the Raid controller doesn't support 4TB drive. Our US Engineers will upgrade it in off peak time to avoid any service ... Read More »

15th Apr 2017
Server3 backup drive upgradation backup drive will be upgraded at BDT 4am on 3rd January 2017. You may get service disruption from BDT 4AM TO BDT 5AM.

2nd Jan 2017
Server13 upgradation notice

We will upgrade to public cloud hosting on 27th December 6pm to 12pm. If you get service has been moved or found any downtime, this will be temporary issue. Please open a ticket or call us if you find any problem in our website.

26th Dec 2016
Server reseller accounts migration

Dear Client,

We are migrating some accounts to our new high end server. Please do not update or edit any content of your website while migrating. We will let you know after completing the migration.

Thank you.

Dhaka Web Host Ltd.

29th Sep 2016
IP unblock is working now

IP unblock feature from Dhaka Web .Host client panel is now working.

5th Sep 2015
cPanel features is now from your Dhaka WebHost client panel

Great news!!! You will get now most of the common cPanel features from our Dhaka Web Host client Panel. No need to remember your cPanel password anymore. Manage all of your cPanel account and domain from Dhaka Web Host client panel. You can access to Email Accounts, Forwarders,  Autoresponders, File Manager,Backup, Subdomains, Addon ... Read More »

31st Jul 2015