CPU Resource Limit

CPU Resource Limit

Shared Hosting:

Dhaka Web host allow 20% CPU resource usage on our shared unlimited hosting package. If a hosting account exceeds this limit for longer than 90 seconds, resource limit will be placed on the account and your website will be slow. Our Resource monitoring helps to prevent any server down or web site slow problem due to others shared hosting users excess resource usage. Your website will have always optimum performance according to your package and will not cause any problem due to other users high traffic. Resource for unlimited shared hosting package are limited  for cpu, ram, vram and processes.

Unlimited shared hosting package has the following resource limit:

CPU= 20% of 1 Core (500 to 700MHZ)
Physcial Ram= 512MB
Virtual RAM=768MB
INODES= 100K/250K

Our others web hosting packages (Small, Basic, Advanced, Business,Professional & E-commece) have the resource ratio according to their package price and feature.

If your website needs more resource, then shared hosting is not suitable for your. You need dedicated hosting, VPS or dedicated server according to your website resource requirement.

We have dedicated hosting packages which is cheaper than managed VPS and you don't need to worry for VPS server maintenance and others security.

Reseller hosting also has the cpu resource restriction but this are only per cpanel based not for the entire reseller. However, if you have multiple cPanel accounts contributing to a server problem, we may suspend any of them.

Dedicated Hosting:
Dedicated hosting is suitable if you need more resource than shared hosting. Dedicated hosting will have more visitors and webisite hits according to its package. Dedicated hosting users will have extra privileges than shared hosting. Their account will not be suspended due to spamming, hacking or others problem without prior notification. 

VPS hosting:
You are allowed to use 100% of your CPU resources. However, this is only a portion of the server's total CPU resources. If you are looking for more CPU resources than a Shared Server, you will NOT want to pick VPS; instead, you should choose a Dedicated Server.

Dedicated Servers:

You are allowed to use 100% of the server's CPU resources.

A good trick for VPS and Dedicated is to turn off the webstat programs (AWstat) that comes with your cPanel. Note that AWstat and other tracking tools use CPU and MySQL connections. By turning this off, you reduce your CPU usage.

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