How to create and configure MySQL database from Cpanel?

Creating a database and user:

Step 1: Login to your cpanel to create a database.


Step 2: Scroll down and find "MySQL Databases", click on it to create databases and users.


Step 3: In "New Database" field enter the name of your databse and Click on "Create Database".It will redirect to you in a page which will show you that the database has been successfully created. Simply click "Go Back" to add a user under "MySQL Users". (Follow the image below)


Step 4: After creating a user click the "Add" button to give all privileges to the user who will monitor the site.(follow the two images below)



Step 5: Now go to "phpMyAdmin". You can see the database you created in step 3. Click on it to import your tables or create new tables


Configure the database:

Step 1: Now from the home page of your cpanel find "File manager" to upload the files of your site.


Step 2: An window will pop up,just follow the image below.


Step 3: After clicking "Go" button it will redirect to you the page where you can upload the files of your site. Click "Upload" to start uploading your files.(Do not change the permissions)


Step 4: To upload all files at a time compress the files into a ZIP file then upload. After finishing the upload the zip file will be listed in your home page. Just select it and click "Extract".(Do not change the permissions)


Step 5: An window will pop up selece the directory where you want to extract the files then just click "Extract File(s)".

Step 6: Now open the php file you created to connect with your database and change the database name,username and password with the new database,username and password created in step 3.

That it!!! Now visit your site to check.

Delete a database and user:

To delete a database and user go to your "MySQL Databases" from your cpanel and follow the image below.


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