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Application Form Sample(Bengali Format)

Application Form Sample(English Format)

[Note: Please provide us all your scanned documents to our mail address strictly recommend you to follow this.)]

BD Domain Registration Procedure

1. Order Bd domain from our website with web hosting packages.

2. Send the BTCL required documents by email or courier.

You need to order BD domain in our website with any hosting packages and send the following documents to us by email. After receiving the documents, we will check the documents and submit it to the BTCL.

          I.National ID Card or Passport

          II.Valid License copy

                    >>Business Website: Trade license photocopy
                    >>NGO website: Permission photocopy
                    >>Educational institute website: Trade license photocopy
                    >>MPO School/College/Madrasah: Nabayan permission copy
                    >>Govt. college/University: application in letterhead from the concerned department or institute head along with seal and signature
                    Personal Website/Blog: Nid Card Photocopy only

          III.Download BTCL Registration form from our website and fill it up with your information.

          IV.Scan your company seal and signature and send us by mail.

          V.Write an application to BTCL mentioning your Domain and Server name as like Application Form Sample.

          VI.Order hosting and bd domain from our our website.

[N.B I.We don’t process BD domain only. You must order hosting with BD Domain registration.
        II.All the signatures should be same as like National ID card's signature]


1. How to check BTCL domain availability?

Ans: It can be checked from Dhaka Web host Website under Domain Name>>BD domain Registration. If you get the message”

2. What is the initial minimum BTCL domain registration period?

Ans: 2 year.

3. Could anyone register a BTCL domain if it is expired?

Ans: NO. Once a domain is registered, it is registered for him only.

4. How will you notify me that my domain name needs to be renewed.

Ans: Our Billing system will automatically notify you 5 times before the expiration date (60 days, 30 days, 15 days, 7 days & 1 day ago).

5. Can I register a domain directly under .BD?

Ans: No, a domain directly under .bd, such as is not allowed. But,, etc are allowed, if available.

6. How long does it take for BD domain registration?

Ans: 3-5 Working Days.